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Office 365 Family | 6Users 1 year | Formerly Office 365 Home

In stock £ 48,90 Retail price: £ 84.91 £ 40.75 Ex VAT Read more

Microsoft 365 Family | 6-Users | 1 Year | With Norton Security


In stock £ 48,90 Retail price: £ 136.37 £ 40.75 Ex VAT Read more

Microsoft 365 Family | Adobe Lightroom | Norton Security | BUNDLE | 1 Year


In stock £ 165,97 Retail price: £ 281.48 £ 138.31 Ex VAT Read more

Microsoft 365 Personal | 1-User | 1 Year | With Norton Security


In stock £ 29,99 Retail price: £ 110.64 £ 24.99 Ex VAT Read more

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business | Windows + Mac

In stock £ 225,02 Retail price: £ 256.46 £ 187.52 Ex VAT Read more

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student | Windows + Mac

In stock £ 110,63 Retail price: £ 140.58 £ 92.19 Ex VAT Read more

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Windows


  £ 544,11 Retail price: £ 513.77 £ 453.42 Ex VAT Read more

How do I choose the right Office suite?

Do you want to use Office suites at home? Then you can choose between Office 365 and Office 2019.

Office 365

De 365 products products are annual licences and come in two variants. The first variant is Office 365 Personal. This Office licence is intended for 1 user and can be activated on up to five devices.

The second variant is Office 365 Family, which is designed for 6 users. Each user can activate up to 5 devices with the subscription at the same time. Perfect for a family!

Microsoft Office programs

Within the package, Word and Excel are probably the programmes that are used the most. But that's not all. An Office 365 suite contains so much more. It also includes the much-used e-mail programme Outlook, including a calendar, that is so much better and has so many more possibilities than the standard e-mail programme that you get with Windows.

You also get the ability to access your files wherever you are. OneDrive does that for you. And not only that; OneDrive also makes sure that you have a safe backup of those files. And that is a great comfort.

And don't forget Powerpoint! In recent years, this programme has grown into a more than adequate programme for making presentations that look slick, have a very professional appearance and do not require an expensive course to find your way around. PowerPoint is beautiful but not difficult!

And for Windows users there is even Access and Publisher available.

Office 2021

The Office 2021 packages are a one-time purchase. This Office suite has a variant for personal and for business use. Do you want to use the popular programs Word, Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote, but not renew your licence every year? Then this is the solution for you.

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In the menu on top of the page you can find all Microsoft products. Whether you use Windows or Office for business or private purposes, 2GO Software UK has the largest selection in Europe.

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Do you prefer an Office licence for business use? Then choose Office for businesses.

2GO Software UK is a Microsoft Partner

2GO Software UK is a Microsoft partner.This means that our software is 100% legitimate. You register the software at Microsoft itself, you can re-install it at any time and transferring a licence to another computer is no problem at all! Do you need further assistance? We are happy to help.

We deliver all licences from stock. That means, download and install immediately after purchase. Choose for reliability, quality and service. Choose a Microsoft-partner and buy from 2GO Software UK