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Corel Painter 2022 PC/MAC - Digital art & painting

Create next-level results with trusted, professional digital art software. Sketch, paint, illustrate and produce unparalleled photo-art with hundreds of impeccably realistic artist-created brushes, superior blending, impressive textures, and an array of versatile art tools. Create the most beautiful canvas paintings and drawings with Corel Painter 2022.

With a powerful built-in Brush Accelerator™, you can make the most of your CPU and GPU and optimize Painter’s performance with one click. Create your own brushes and other content, customize the UI, and find inspiration by sharing your content with fellow artists. Plus, expand your painting knowledge with a library of free learning resources and live webinars.

Painter® 2022. Anything but ordinary.

Buying Corel Painter 2022 from 2GO Software UK means 100% legitimate software including an installation guarantee, a step-by-step guide for downloading, installation and activation, and a team of specialists to help you if you still can't work it out!

What’s new in Corel Painter 2022?

Stamp-type brush customization

These popular brushes have received a versatility overhaul. Change shape, edge effects, rotation, squeeze and anti-aliasing plus, create, add, import, export, organize and export dabs in record time!

Watercolor brushes and workflow

New Watercolor compatible brushes and workflow optimize the painting experience. Paint with dry media types on Watercolor layers to achieve new and exciting mixed-media looks.

Brush library experience

Reap the benefits of a refined brush library. Enjoy new categories, variants and brush previews plus, now you can easily find, filter and favorite beloved brushes for easy access from the Brush Selector.

Brush size selector

Choosing brush size has never been so speedy and visual. Just open up the Size Library and add, reorder, delete and change size preview to accommodate your workflow.

User requested enhancements

After reviewing your valuable feedback, we have made many layer workflow and other enhancements to boost your productivity.

FASTEST version yet!

Run the Brush Accelerator and enjoy huge GPU, Multicore & AVX2 speed gains of new and enhanced cover method brushes along with a boost in several other brush engines.

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