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Adobe Lightroom CC | 1 User | 1 Year | 1TB cloud storage

In stock £ 122,61 Retail price: £ 124.36 £ 102.18 Ex VAT Read more

Adobe Creative Cloud Individual (all apps) | Subscription | 1 Year | 100 GB Cloud

In stock £ 617,89 Retail price: £ 753.34 £ 514.91 Ex VAT Read more

Adobe Photography Plan (Photoshop CC + Lightroom CC) | 1 User | 1 year | 1TB cloudstorage


In stock £ 299,00 Retail price: £ 406.38 £ 249.17 Ex VAT Read more

Adobe Creative Cloud (alle apps) Student & Teacher edition | Subscription| 1 Year | 100 GB Cloud


In stock £ 275,00 Retail price: £ 331.03 £ 229.17 Ex VAT Read more

Buying Adobe Lightroom: which package should I choose?

Adobe Lightroom is one of the many programs from Adobe, but why are there multiple products on the Adobe Lightroom page? Lightroom is not only a standalone product, but is also part of Adobe Photography Plan and the Creative Cloud suite. These programs are more extensive and offer more programs than only Lightroom.

Want to buy Adobe Lightroom but are you not sure which package to choose? Let us help you! We offer plenty of software suites that include Lightroom. The first example is Adobe Photography Plan. This software suite offers all the options you need to work with photos professionally. This suite also includes Photoshop, which allows you to apply advanced functions to your photos.

Adobe Creative Cloud is another programme that includes Lightroom. This product is very pricey, but you can do much more than just edit photos with the 20+ included programs. You can edit videos, create vectors and illustrations, create animations, design websites, create 3D designs and much more! If you are super creative and want to do more than just edit photos, this package may be for you. Especially for students and teachers we have the cheaper Student & Teacher edition!

In addition to these Adobe variants, we have also compiled discount bundles. We have mainly added security and backup software to these discount bundles. Because let's face it, nobody wants to lose his or her work due to a virus or theft, right? That is why security and backup software are ideal!

If you want to buy Adobe Lightroom, but you're still not quite sure, feel free to contact our customer service! They will be happy to help you.