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Microsoft 365 Family - 6 users 1 year

£ 77,90 Retail price: £ 84.91 £ 64.92 Ex VAT

Microsoft 365 Personal 1User 1year

£ 39,90 Retail price: £ 59.18 £ 33.25 Ex VAT

1 year

All these products have a duration of 1 year. For 365 days you can make unlimited use of all the functionalities that the software has to offer. When the end date of the license comes into view, you will automatically receive a reminder mail with an interesting offer from us. Renew via 2GO Software; better, cheaper and smarter!


All these products are suitable for the Windows operating system. Easy and quick download and installation. All our software comes with an activation manual. In this manual you will always find the latest software suitable for Windows.