Norton Security vs. Norton 360

What's the difference between Norton Security and Norton 360?

Norton Security and Norton 360 are very similar. The security of both packages is the same. So if you want to really protect your computer, laptop, tablet and mobile, buy Norton Security. Norton Security protects all your devices from digital threats such as ransomware, malware, viruses, trojans and hackers. Automatic updates ensure that you always have the latest protection.

If you are looking for something more, buying Norton 360 is the better choice. Because in addition to the same protection as Norton Security, Norton 360 also offers a password manager and unlimited VPN. VPN is becoming more and more popular and that's understandable. VPN allows you to be truly anonymous on the Internet. And that ensures that what you do on the Internet can not be followed by others. VPN also has other advantages. We have an information page that explains why VPN is so important for you. It's not only important, you can also enjoy it a lot: 6 reasons why VPN is important to you.

The table below highlights the differences between Norton Security and Norton 360. The security is identical, but with Norton 360 you get extra features in addition to the security.

Norton Security Standard
Norton Security Deluxe
Norton Security Deluxe
Norton 360

100% virus protection promise
Norton's unique virus removal service.

Strong antivirus module
The very best protection against viruses.

Top protection against malware.

Phishing attempts are intercepted prematurely.

Norton Smart Firewall monitors network traffic.

Norton Safe Web
Norton warns you about harmful websites.

Ransomware protection
Prevents your computer from being held hostage.

The spam filter protects you from unsolicited e-mails.

Safe banking
Internet banking protection.

SafeCam webcam security
Prevents unauthorised access to your webcam.

Online backup
Online backup of the files on your PC.

Password manager
Generates complex passwords and stores them in your own encrypted vault.

Norton Family
Gives insight and control over the surfing behaviour of your children.

Secure VPN
Anonymous protection on a public or shared WiFi network.