Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022| Windows | Multilanguage

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022| Windows | Multilanguage
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Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022: 2 programmes for easy photo and video editing. All your photos and videos can be turned into beautiful works of art, impressive films or brilliant presentations without too much effort. It's not difficult, but it's fun! This latest version has some great new features like moving photos, distorting photos and auto-reframing video subjects (a very handy feature!).

Together you are strong!

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022 are capable of many things together. They help you turn your photos into beautiful collages or creative artwork to hang on your wall. Combine the videos you shoot to create a professional movie that will impress not only you but everyone else with its superb quality. Great for later! Share your creative creations on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Twitter.

Buying Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022 as a single bundle is a great deal. It's much cheaper than buying them separately. Combine and save more!

Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022 is intended for 1 user who may install the product on 2 Windows computers. This user may use the package on 1 device at a time.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022 - The latest features

Turn photos into art in an instant

Transform your photos with one click with effects inspired by famous works of art or popular art styles. Choose from stunning artistic effects to apply to all or part of your photo and easily adjust the results to achieve exactly the look you want.

Make animated photos

Add animated overlays, such as snowflakes and sparks, and create funny moving frames. Then save your photos as MP4 for sharing on social media and more.

Choosing the perfect aspect ratio for videos

Edit and export your videos in vertical or square format - perfect for social media - without losing content. Add moving titles, matte covers and backgrounds that are also suitable for non-horizontal videos.

Automatically reframe video subjects

Easily resize your videos for social media, for example, while keeping the main element within the frame. Great for clips with lots of movement, like a kids party or sporting event.

Add fun moving overlays to videos

Add fluttering butterflies, circling hearts and other beautiful and whimsical animations to your videos. Create a new look in a few quick steps.

Adjust shadows and highlights in videos

Easily bring out hidden details in the darkest or brightest parts of your videos, so there's more to see in every scene.

But these 2 programmes can do much more, just see:

Making static images move

Turn your favourite shots into moving photos with a single click - funny, moving GIFs with 2D and 3D camera movement. It's a breeze and perfect for sharing your creations on social media.

Adjusting the tilt of faces

Make sure everyone in the photo is looking in the right direction by automatically adjusting the position of someone's face. Great for selfies!

Inspire with quotation images

Create shareable creations - great for social media - by adding motivational quotes or personalised messages to your images using templates, numerous customisation options and beautiful animation options.

Editing options with instructions offer more creative possibilities

From simple adjustments to artistic creations - with 83 editing options with instructions, you're always on the right track. Create the look you want effortlessly. Just follow the steps and you'll learn as you go:

Create modern, two-colour illustrations

Apply your own beautiful two-colour effects to your photos for a stunning two-colour creation. Choose one of the available sizes for social media and apply a gradient, for example.

Perfecting landscapes

You can effortlessly replace skies and remove haze and unwanted elements to create beautiful outdoor scenes. You're guaranteed to get the perfect adventure shot every time.

Moving, scaling and duplicating objects

The step-by-step guide makes it easier than ever to select an object and change its position, size and so on. This allows you to make your photo look exactly the way you want it to.

Create beautiful double exposure videos

Give your movies a magical touch with double exposure. Just follow the simple steps to play a video within a photo and get the best of both worlds.

Adding moving matte overlays

Add an artistic touch to your video with a moving matte overlay. Apply different shapes and animation styles to entire videos or specific scenes, or use them as transitions. NEW: Make precise video selections Select a specific object - or area - of your video and effortlessly apply an effect that remains active throughout the entire video.

Watching video effects in real time

Thanks to new GPU acceleration, many great effects are rendered beautifully (without rendering) - and you can crop your videos faster.

Trying out new music tracks

The perfect video needs the perfect soundtrack. Create just the right feeling with brand new music tracks.

Automatically back up your catalogue design

Cataloging - albums, keyword tags, people, places, events, and more - is essential to organizing your photo and video library. All this information is now automatically backed up so you can restore it quickly.

Get started right away with indispensable photo and video editing tools!

    Start editing your photos and videos right away, turn them into something fantastic. Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2022 will create automatic creations for you that you can use as a starting point. These automatic creations will be, for example, photo and video collages or presentations. The new home screen makes it easy for you to start editing your photos and videos! See what's new at a glance and get started with the latest features of Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements. Use the new features to turn your inspiration into a beautiful end result with the help of the Adobe manual that you will also find on your home screen. Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements offers a wide range of options with instructions on how to edit your photos and videos. Adobe Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements is a powerful and easy-to-use program that allows you to edit and share your photos and videos. For example, in the form of unique and beautiful video or photo collages to hilarious memes.

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    The benefits of Adobe

    • One-time purchase zwithout subscription. Purchase once, use unlimitedly.
    • Automatic creations Adobe's automatic creations make it easy to share your videos
    • Gegarandeerd legitieme software. 2GO Software UK is a partner of Adobe and guarantees legitimate, working software. We always deliver including installation guarantee.
    • Reinstallation and transfer allowed. It is precisely because 2GO Software UK guarantees legitimate software that you can take it with you to a new computer. Reinstalling is never possible with illegal or grey-imported software providers. Choose reliability, buy at 2GO Software UK.

    The advantages of 2GO Software UK

    • 100% Legitimate software including installation and activation guarantee
    • No direct debit or small print
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    • Fully customised tutorials, which help you step by step.
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    Follow your creative inspiration.

    With Adobe Sensei*'s AI Technology as your creative assistant, you can easily edit, create, organise and share your photos and videos to bring your imagination to life: Make static images move, adjust the position of a person's face, select a specific object (or area) in your video to apply an effect, and enhance grainy, dark footage.

    Create inspiring quotation images - great for social media - with templates, dozens of customisation options and beautiful animation options.

    From simple tweaks to artistic creations, 83 editing options with instructions, you're always in the right place: Create modern two-tone illustrations, double-exposure photos and videos, and give your videos moving matte overlays to effortlessly create the look you want.

    When you're done, show off your stunning creations in print or online. Create fun GIFs for social media or share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

    *Adobe Sensei is the technology that powers intelligent features across Adobe products to dramatically improve the design and delivery of digital experiences, using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a common framework.

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