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Norton Wifi Privacy; Protect your privacy and your WiFI network

Norton Wifi Privacy; it does exactly what it has to do, protect your privacy and make Wi-Fi safe.

On the Internet you are being followed more and more often without knowing or wanting to do so. Norton wifi privacy protects you against so-called ad trackers and ensures that you can no longer be tracked and receive unwanted advertisements.

Wifi Privacy does something else; do you ever use your smartphone, tablet or laptop on a (Wi-Fi) network that is not yours? Only then, you can just be listened to. If you are eavesdropped when you use an external network, everything you do is at risk; your e-mails can be read, your passwords can be viewed and even online banking can be unsafe.

Wifi privacy from Norton ensures that you can be online safely anytime and anywhere (even outdoors). It is the perfect complement to Norton Security.

2GO Software UK is Norton Platinum partner. You will receive guaranteed legitimate software from us that we purchase directly from Norton.

Earlier this year, it appeared that there was a leak in WiFi networks. The hack was called KRACK. Almost every WiFi network (including your own WiFi at home) was hacked. In brief; the connection between your computer and Wi-Fi modem is not secure. Even when there is a password on your wifi, it is possible to watch. Norton Wifi Privacy solves this problem and does not protect the current networks, but also against the dangers of the future.

Norton Wifi privacy works on every device; Windows PCs, Mac, Android and iOS.
Not only computers, but also smartphones and tablets!

Anonymous browsing

Norton Wifi Privacy enables anonymous browsing. Your privacy is optimally protected and Norton blocks unwanted ad trackers. No one can see your online activity anymore; also your Internet provider does not. Your connection to the Internet is encrypted. This security is just as heavy as the security that banks use for online Internet banking.

Privacy protection

Your privacy is protected with Norton Wifi Privacy. Not only because you can not be followed online, but also because public Wi-Fi networks are extra protected. You choose whether your traffic via the Netherlands goes via the Internet or for example via Germany or Belgium. Totally in control!

Norton warnings and protection!

If you connect to an insecure network, Norton Wifi Privacy will give you a warning. At that time you can enable Wifi Privacy from Norton for extra protection. Automatic switching on with an unsafe connection is also possible. Even better; use 24/7 Norton Wifi privacy. There is no data limit, your traffic is not saved and it costs you nothing extra.

The perfect addition to Norton Security for computers and mobile devices

The video below explains it again. Norton Wifi Privacy is the perfect complement for working safely on the train, on public Wi-Fi, on the Wi-Fi network of friends, on the road or at home. It is safe, anonymous and it protects your privacy like no other package can.

Norton Platinum Reseller

The benefits of purchasing with 2GO Software UK (Norton Platinum Reseller) are endless. This way the virus protection promise is included. That means: not good, money back guarantee from Norton.

2GO Software UK buys directly from Norton. So you get from us the original, legitimate Norton product. In addition, during your subscription, you may transfer the package to another computer, you may share the package within your family and endlessly scan and reinstall it. When you purchase another computer, you can simply take the Norton package to the new PC.

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  • The perfect addition to Norton Security
  • Protects your privacy on the internet
  • Anonymous and safe online; even in public places.
  • Blocks advertisement trackers.
  • Works on every device
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