Norton 360 for gamers | 3-Devices | 1-Year | 2021 | Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | 50Gb Cloud Storage

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Norton 360 for gamers 2021 offers the best performance for... gamers! And we are happy to explain it to you.

Norton 360 gamer edition has been specifically designed to give any gaming enthusiast the best protection and experience possible by not putting unnecessary strain on their system and avoiding annoying notifications, while keeping their games safe. This makes Norton 360 for Gamers the powerhouse you need to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Because there are a few things that gamers hate: system slowdowns, leaked or hacked accounts and, of course, game interruptions. Norton 360 for Gamers eliminates these annoyances and gives you the best security in addition to a better gaming experience.

How does Norton do that? The Norton Game Optimizer optimises the game you are playing by allocating as many CPU cores as possible to the game. No more stuttering, just a game that plays smoother. The Password Manager keeps all your gaming passwords in a digital vault and allows you to use unique passwords to increase your security. The notification optimisation leaves you alone when you're gaming so you can safely enjoy without annoying game-breaking notifications.

But there's more; there's Dark Web Monitoring, Online Backup, a VPN, SafeCam and more. If you're not a gaming fanatic, then buy the "normal" Norton 360. If you want to know more about this special Norton Gaming edition, read further.

The first year at an extra low price!

The price shown is the offer price for the first year. Exclusively available from 2GO Software UK. Norton 360 offers ongoing protection with an automatic renewal. Instructions are available to disable automatic renewal. View and read the full description for more information.

Norton 360 for gamers 2021 | Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Designed by gamers to protect gamers. Norton worked with a team of gamers to design a version of Norton 360 that gamers desperately need: protection for your PC and for your personal and gaming data. As a gamer, you know you have specific needs that other PC users may not have, such as knowing when your gaming may be compromised and minimizing interruptions while you're gaming. Norton will continue to work with gamers to give you the protection and features you need most.

Trouble with installation? Our activation manual will help you with this step by step. Are you still using the old Internet Security or Security Deluxe? Then we recommend switching to Norton 360 as soon as possible.

Now with Dark Web Monitoring

Norton recently added Dark Web Monitoring to the Norton 360 suite. Dark Web Monitoring constantly scans the dark web and private forums for personal information and sends you notifications if anything harmful is found. This is especially important nowadays when there are many data breaches and your personal data gets stolen. Dark Web Monitoring is included with Norton 360 Deluxe when bought through 2GO Software UK. Want to know more? Then check out our special Norton's Dark Web Monitoring page.

Proud partner and Platinum Reseller of Norton!

2GO Software UK works closely with Norton. We are a Platinum Reseller; Norton's highest partner status! Buy Norton 360 safely and securely at 2GO Software UK. 2GO Software UK supplies all Norton packages as a first-time installer or as a renewal of last year's Norton Security. For several years Norton 360 has been tested as the best; this makes this product not only a safe choice, but also the best!

Norton Security Deluxe

Automatic renewal; always assured of the best protection.

This Norton package offers 1 year of protection and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Norton 360 is automatically renewed annually. Price shown is for the first year. Next year you will pay the regular price. With Norton auto-renewal on, you are always assured of the best protection and don't have to worry about your safety. Guaranteed and always the latest version of Norton! During activation, Norton will require you to enter payment details. This can be a bank account number, credit card or PayPal account.

Extending the second year through 2GO Software UK?
Is automatic renewal not desirable or do you want to renew next year at a lower price via 2GO Software UK? No problem! You can deactivate automatic renewal and remove your Norton payment details as soon as you have activated your product. 2GO Software UK will help you with this step by step. Next year, when your license is about to expire, 2GO Software UK will send you a personal renewal offer, so you always pay the best price.

New and Improved Features in Norton 360 for Gamers

Device protection:
To best protect your PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices, Norton 360 includes security features like Password Manager to safely manage your online passwords, Cloud Backup to store and protect important files and documents as a preventative measure against data loss, and Parental Controls to help your kids surf the web safely.

Protection against identity fraud:
Identity threats go beyond your computer or mobile device. Identity thieves can steal your personal information from your mailbox, a medical office or buy it on the dark web. Norton 360 with LifeLock helps protect you from identity threats both online and offline.

Online Privacy:
Worried about your online privacy? Norton 360 has added Secure VPN, a virtual private network to encrypt your online activities, which is especially important at public Wi-Fi hotspots. Norton has also added PC SafeCam to protect your computer's webcam from remote access.

Our top 3 new features:

  1. Intrusion Prevention:
    Analyses information coming from a network and blocks potential threats before they hit your computer.
  2. Antivirus met Advanced Machine Learning:
    Scans and removes malware files that enter a device, using machine learning and emulation.
  3. Reputation Protection (Insight):
    Uses reputation data collected in Symantec's Global Intelligence Network to classify virtually every software application file on the planet (PC).

Different functions explained further:

  • Behavioural Protection (SONAR):
    Checks applications for suspicious behaviour and automatically finds threats.
  • Proactive Exploit Protection:
    Helps protect against attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in applications or the operating system.
  • Power Eraser:
    Helps detect and remove high-risk applications and malware that may be on your computer.
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  • 3 installations
  • Subscription: 1 year
  • Suitable for: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Including 50Gb Cloud storage
  • VPN module included
  • Game Optimizer (Windows only)
  • PC SafeCam (Windows only)
  • Dark Web Monitoring
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Buy Norton at 2GO Software UK

  • All-in-one package; always the best security
  • Includes Norton Virus Protection PromiseIf a virus manages to infect your computer a Norton expert will do their best to remove it. If they don't succeed you will receive a full refund!
  • Guaranteed legitimate software
  • A step-by-step installation manual written by us for you