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Buy Norton or renew?

Norton has created the best antivirus available with Norton Security. Norton Security and Norton 360 both score incredibly highly in tests and with Norton regularly updating their software, you can always be sure your computer, laptop, mobile and tablet is optimally protected. Want to extend Norton? All our licenses are available for initial installation as well as renewal of your current Norton protection. Looking for a bargain? Check out our Norton Offers.  

We'd love to help you choose and have already put the two Norton product lines together for you: What's the difference between Norton Security and Norton 360 ?

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Norton WiFi Privacy | 1-Device | 1-year | 2021

In stock £ 19,99 Retail price: £ 34.27 £ 16.66 Ex VAT: Read more

Norton Security Deluxe | 3-Devices | 1-Year | 2021 - Antivirus Included - UK-Edition


In stock £ 17,90 Retail price: £ 51.45 £ 14.92 Ex VAT: Read more

Norton 360 for gamers | 3-Devices | 1-Year | 2021 | Windows | Mac | Android | iOS | 50Gb Cloud Storage


In stock £ 24,99 Retail price: £ 77.19 £ 20.83 Ex VAT: Read more

Showing 1 to 12 of 12 (1 Pages)

When you purchase Norton, you can choose between Norton Security and Norton 360. If you buy Norton 360 you get the same security as in Norton Security, but with extra features. With Norton 360 you buy a combination package of Norton Security supplemented with a password manager, a VPN, secure storage space for your backups and a family module to protect children online.

Have you previously used Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet Security? Then it is better to buy a new Norton. Norton no longer makes a difference between Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Security: Norton security is the same with EVERY licence you buy. Learn more about Norton Antivirus and its successor here:
Read more about Norton Antivirus. Were you a Norton Internet Security user? We would like to explain to you what you can choose from now. Find out more about Norton Internet Security.

Renewing more expensive than a new Norton subscription?

Sometimes it can be the case that a renewal with Norton itself costs a lot. In that case, it is indeed better to buy your Norton licence from 2GO Software UK. The Norton licences that we provide are suitable to extend Norton or purchase a new Norton subscription. Still in doubt? Check out our Norton deals to see if there's something for you. It doesn't have to be expensive!