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Installation service - Help with installation (all-in) - Security software


  £ 13,79 Retail price: £ 34.27 £ 11.49 Ex VAT Read more

2Go Software installation package (price per 15 minutes)


  £ 18,40 Retail price: £ 34.27 £ 15.33 Ex VAT Read more

Installationservice | We'll help you install (all-in) | Other software


  £ 23,01 Retail price: £ 34.27 £ 19.18 Ex VAT Read more

Installationservice - Office Business Set-up (all-in)


  £ 50,22 Retail price: £ 77.84 £ 41.85 Ex VAT Read more

Licentie2GO installatiepakket (all in)


  £ 33,48 Retail price: £ 62.27 £ 27.90 Ex VAT Read more


All these products are suitable for Android or have an app available in the Google Play Store. Do you also want to protect your phone and tablet against threats from outside? Thanks to these products, that is also possible. Simply download the security app in the Play Store and log in with your account. Ready! Your mobile device is now also protected.


All these products are suitable for the Mac operating system. Often the software is suitable for the current OS (Mojave) plus the two previous versions (High Sierra and Sierra). Thanks to our activation guide, you always receive the best and most recent software suitable for Mac.