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Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus - For editing all your precious video moments!

Experience advanced video editing with Pinnacle Studio ™ 24 Plus. Enhance your next production with professional-quality tools, creative effects, and powerful keyframe controls. Create titles with moving graphics in the improved Title Editor and add graphic overlays with Motion Tracking. Edit seamlessly on the timeline with 24 tracks and take advantage of all the required tools, right at your fingertips, to achieve incredible results. Easily edit, fix imperfections, and save groups of clips and custom shortcuts to streamline your most used tasks. Produce all kinds of videos with tools for multi-camera editing, screen recording, slide shows and more. Create your best productions yet with the power and creativity of Pinnacle Studio Plus.

New and improved features, tons of useful tools for editing your videos to make your videos even more vivid with Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus! Corel has listened to all the improvements and suggestions from the people who use the program the most, you as a consumer! Corel is unique in this and tries to accommodate its users and facilitate their experience and implementation of the program. New features such as simplified color enhancement and MultiCam Capture, for example, ensure that you can get the best out of your videos flawlessly!

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The extended features of Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus

Everyone can now emerge as a film producer with Corel Pinnacle Studio's flexible video editing software 24. Explore the program to create unique projects using various templates or by directly editing still-unedited footage. You can now take advantage of even more features to make editing your videos easier such as: editing multi-camera recordings and split screen videos and much more! The Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus program is also equipped with over 1800 filters and effects and you can now export your videos to your disc, popular formats and devices or simply online. Create the most beautiful videos and leave a stunning response with the people you would like to share them with!

In addition, gradually increase your skills in Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus by opening the Welcome tab and all about learn the program with other users' easy tutorials *, shortcuts, and galleries. This tab is continuously updated and so there is always new content on it that makes it easier to get to know the program. In addition to these classes, Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus allows you to take a virtual tour of the program to master all aspects of the program.

The powerful features of Corel Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus explained in detail

The best tools to enhance your videos even more

  • Basic color enhancement: Select any desired color and change or correct it individually. This way you determine the atmosphere of your entire video.
  • Tracking movements: Just like in a sports competition, you can now edit your videos so that a certain moving part can be brought forward. Focus your attention on a particular guest and apply the desired overlay yourself.
  • Lens corrections, transparency and Audio Ducking: Effortlessly remove distortions and quickly straighten curved lines with lens corrections, add even more impact with the transparency functions and fine-tune dialogues or comments with the background noise. This way you can create the best, sharpest videos in no time.

Make all your creative ideas a reality

  • MultiCam Capture: With the new MultiCam Capture software, you can now not only record your screen, but also your webcam at the same time. Effortlessly capture and edit video, system audio and sound in one click with the many features MultiCam Capture has to offer.
  • Controls for correcting colors: Easily change and correct the colors in your production for spectacular color reproduction. Shift colors and adjust saturation. Then save your changes and use them with the next movie you are editing.
  • Selective color: Add a stunning effect to your image by, for example, highlighting a specific color and leaving the rest black and white for an even more professional impression.
  • Edit videos for shared screens and recordings from different cameras: Display multiple video streams simultaneously and easily create impressive promo videos or share all the best moments from your last vacation. You can choose from various templates, but you can also create your own using the template creation function. In addition, you can now combine recordings from different devices for the most dynamic videos. This is how you make your own multi-camera production.
  • Chroma key, play with the clock and easily edit the audio of your videos: Easily place your designs on a virtual background with the Gorene screen function. Adjust overlays and replace background with the Chroma key. Play with the time, go back in time or freeze it with the Time remapping function to set your own speed. In addition, there are numerous ways to edit or add the audio of your video with the ScoreFitter music library.

Flexibly edit your videos with advanced software

  • Editing your timeline: Stay in control and make all your productions as professional as possible. Edit and trim your videos on the timeline easily. Timeline editing lets you edit multiple tracks and place multiple effects indefinitely for precise frame and keyframe editing.
  • Create amazing slideshows with your photos and videos and add various filters and effects: With the SmartMovie feature, you can now easily drag and drop your photos videos and music. SmartMovie helps you to create an automatic film production and for even more impression, place one of our many video filters or effects. Choose from hundreds of effects and, for example, improve your colors to give an even better impression to your videos.

Adjust to your personal preference and retain full control over your work

  • Zoom in and out, add quick corrections, titles and overlays and create your own templates:Easily and quickly add motion to a still image and place a clip in layers to get the desired effect frame by frame. Avoid common problems and apply quick fixes to your video. For example, crop and rotate or even remove the red eyes. Now for the extra bit of effect add a title to your photos or video and save your projects as a template to start other projects faster.

Now easily share all your creations with your family, colleagues or friends

  • Instantly upload to your social media account and export to popular formats and devices: Easily upload your video to YouTube or Facebook, for example, and also export to popular formats for proper viewing on any device.
  • Burn your projects to a disc right now: Now produce your DVDs like a professional film maker with customizable chapters menus and music.

A powerful video editor with controls that are fully customizable

  • Keyframes, custom profiles and dual screen display: Use keyframes to control each effect from start to finish and apply different video effects the way you want. In addition, adjust your workspace and create your own shortcuts so that you can make it easy for yourself. Use the option to display on two screens and view multiple aspects at once to seamlessly edit your videos on multiple screens.
  • Organize your media and take advantage of robust performance: Easily share your media and add your most used effect to your favorites in one click. Benefit from faster rendering on multiple tracks and display your results clearly and quickly.

Even more applications that will meet all your needs

  • Pinnacle Studio 24, MultiCam Capture and MyDVD: .

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