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BullGuard Premium Protection is a complete and user-friendly security package that allows you to protect yourself against malware,identity theft, financial fraud and online data leaks.
You can keep your children safe on social networking sites with this solution.

Leading anti-virus protection

  • The best protection against malware and other internet threats
  • Your PC will be protected autimaticaly and will remain free from viruses
  • Fast operation, does not slow down your PC
  • Prevents your computer from being hijacked by unwanted applications
2GOSoftware is Bullguard Advantage-PLUS partner. You will receive guaranteed legitimate software from us which is directly purchased from Bullguard.

Includes 25GB Online backup

25GB free online backup storage for your most important files, pictures, music and more. Decide for yourself what you want to back up and how often or use the automatic backup function. You can easily back up the contents of folders with a single click. And that is not all: you can immediately open and view the stored data when you want to restore it to another computer or even to your smartphone.

Home network scanner

Each device in your network is a potential backdoor which can grant hackers access to everything on your network. Our home network scanner proactively checks your entire network and each device connected to it 24/7. That includes thermostats, baby monitors, speakers and all connected devices
Even better, when a new device connects, it automatically performs a deep scan and status check. It’s another way we’re ensuring smart homes stay safe homes.


Protects your personal information from being abuses by hackers and cyber criminals.
BullGuard scans the entire web for your usernames, email and postal addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and more.
When we detect that any of your registered data has been published online, we will immediately alert you by e-mail or text and provide you with advice on what to do next.

Next gen anti-malware

BullGuard Premium Protection offers you an intelligent three-layer protection system.In the first layer Bullguard recognizes safe websites and application.In the second layer Bullguard scans continuously for malware.
In the third layer all malware gets detected and neutralised by placing the software in quarantine before infecting any other files.It is like a sentinel who never sleeps, constantly on the lookout for intruders.

Parental control

Do your children sometimes use the computer alone? Are you unsure on which websites they end up on the internet?
The Parental control module of Bullguard gives you the possibility to block suspicious sites, install search filters, limit the time your children spent online, track their activity online and, be able to block specific applications.


BullGuard's new firewall gives you extra layers of very robust protection against malware and intruders. Bullguard has a lower impact on the performance on your CPU so your other applications run smoother.

One of its improved features is Application Filtering - which offers end-to-end protection before, during, and, after you download apps. The firewall also blocks unauthorized attempts to connect a device to the Internet.

Vulnerability scanner

The vulnerability scanner keeps you protected by blocking vulnerabilities that hackers try to exploit. Bullguard will automatically notify you of any missing safety updates or when connecting with an unprotected WiFi network. Bullguard prevents applications that could contain malware from being automatically downloaded and checks whether applications and drivers have valid digital signatures.

Guaranteed legitimate software (Bullguard Advantage-PLUS partner)

The advantages of purchasing through 2GOSoftware (Bullguard Advantage-PLUS partner) are endless. 2GOSoftware is one of largest partners of Bullguard and due to this you're ensured of legitimate software. Not only do you get the best security, but you can also transfer the software to another computer during your subscription, you can share the package within your family, scan endlessly and, always reinstall.

When purchasing the software via 2GO Software UK you may transfer the software to another computer. Reinstalling in case your computer crashes is always allowed.

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  • Subscription: 1 year
  • Suitable for 10 installations
  • Language selection: ENG, NL, GER, FR
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac and, Android
  • Suitable for both a first installation and renewal
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