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Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 | Mac | Multilanguage


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See what's new in version 2021

We'll start with Photoshop Elements 2021:

You can now make your photos move!
With 1 press of a button you can easily make a short (GIF) movie that brings your still photos to life. Very nice to watch and very easy to share on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.

Face not in the right angle? Just turn it a bit.
Is someone looking a little crooked and a little the wrong way? No worries. Photoshop Elements 2021 ensures that everyone is looking in the same direction again. Completely automatic.

Personalize your creations
With the help of templates, animation options and many different possibilities to adjust your image, you can add text to your photos so that you can share your message with others in your own unique way. Image and word, creatively combined.

Enhance landscape photos like never before
Does your nature photo not contain that beautiful bright blue sky with beautiful white clouds? Replace it with a beautiful cloud party that makes your photo perfect. With Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 it happened in no time.

Move, duplicate or resize objects
Edit your photos to look the way you want. Is that chair just not in the right place? Select it, move it and resize it. With the step-by-step directions of the program, it is no longer difficult at all.

But Premiere has also been improved on many points:

Double exposure
With a few simple steps you give your films a special atmosphere by combining different exposures.

Make selections even more precise
Selecting certain objects or parts of your video very precisely just got easier. Make your subject stand out even more by blurring the background or applying an effect. Your selection will remain active throughout the movie!

New music
A nice movie naturally requires nice music. Adobe Premiere 2021 has been expanded with even more music so you can add the right soundtrack to your movie.

GPU acceleration. Because faster is better!
The display of your videos just got better. The improved GPU acceleration allows you to view the effects in your movie in high quality, without the need for rendering. This means that you can work faster.