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Adobe Acrobat Professional DC Multi-Language 1User 1Year Windows/Mac: The most complete package of Adobe Acrobat!

Adobe Acrobat Professional DC is the best Adobe Acrobat ever! This is the latest version of the most complete package from Adobe Acrobat. This super smart pdf-package is an absolute must for every office and for home users who work a lot with pdf-files. With this package you can convert any file on your PC or Mac to a pdf-file.

Adobe Acrobat Professional DC is suitable for 1 user. This user may install the product on 2 computers at the same time. In addition, the new Adobe Acrobat Pro is a multi-language version which means that in addition to English and Dutch it is available in even more languages!

The unique features of Adobe Acrobat Professional DC 1User 1Year further explained;

By securing PDF files you have the assurance that no one can modify them. Use this, for example, for Quotations and Invoices.

  • Edit: Edit texts and images in a PDF. Easily correct typos and change images directly in the PDF file.
  • Convert: Create PDF files to Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. Lost the original file from which you created the Pdf? Then Adobe Acrobat Pro converts the PDF file back into a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file in no time (3 mouse clicks).
  • Sign, fill, and optimize: The smart features of Adobe Acrobat Pro make it easy to create forms in a PDF file.

Purchasing via 2GO Software UK means 100% legitimate software including installation guarantee, a manual that helps you download, install and activate step by step and a team of specialists who will be happy to help you when you still can't get out!

Adobe Acrobat Professional DC Multi-Language 1User 1Year Windows/Mac: Convert any file to a PDF file!

Acrobat Professional is the most comprehensive program for working with PDF files. Open pdf-files, edit, secure and archive pdf-files with all the tools Adobe Acrobat PRO has to offer for Windows and Mac. The beauty of PDF is that it is scalable, PDF is super fast and works on any device (incl. smartphones and tablets)! Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is advanced and professional and is very easy to use, for example, for creating and sharing all your (company) documents.

The advantages of Adobe;

  1. One-time purchase without subscription. You can write off the one-time investment of this software on the balance sheet.
  2. Guaranteed legitimate software. 2GOSoftware is a partner of Adobe and guarantees legitimate, working software. We always deliver including installation guarantee.
  3. Reinstallation and transfer allowed. Precisely because 2GOSoftware guarantees legitimate software, you may take it with you to a new computer. Reinstallation is never possible with illegal or grey import providers of software. Choose reliability, buy at 2GOSoftware

The advantages of 2GOSoftware;

  • 100% legitimate software including installation and activation guarantee
  • No direct debit or small print
  • 7 days a week reachable by chat or mail
  • Fully customised manuals that help you step by step

The modules of Adobe Acrobat Professional DC Multi-Language 1User 1Year Windows/Mac comprehensively explained:

(NEW) Do more with Office 365

Now you can maximise your organisation's investment by using the new Document Cloud add-ins for Microsoft Office 365 applications

(NEW) Scan business cards

With this new free Adobe app it is possible to scan English business cards. The Adobe Scan app then automatically creates your contacts on the basis of that information.

Convert better on Mac

Now quickly and easily convert files into a PDF using the easy Acrobat ribbon in Word for Mac.

Scan anywhere to PDF

With the new Adobe Scan app for your mobile, you can now capture any document and convert it into a versatile PDF of the best and highest quality. Now capture all your receipts, business cards, documents and notes with this easy app!

Take your PDF tools with you wherever you go

With the mobile app of Acrobat Reader you can now work on your documents anywhere. This mobile app is equipped with all the necessary tools for converting, editing and signing your PDFs on your mobile device.

Create and edit PDF files

With Adobe Acrobat Pro you can easily create a PDF file from, for example, Word, Excel or another file. It is also possible to merge multiple pdf-files into 1 pdf. Adobe Acrobat Pro gives you all the tools you need to edit a pdf file. The original file is not needed, the pdf can be modified immediately. The best thing about this is that the layout is preserved! A typing error in the pdf is thus fixed in no time!

Discover the differences

Different pdf files, but you don't remember what the latest or most accurate version is? No problem. You can link both files in Adobe Acrobat and the differences will be made clear. This way you will be up to date in no time when Adobe Acrobat helps you to discover the differences between 2 PDF files.

Scan & OCR

Advanced capabilities are built in to scan files and apply OCR text recognition. Each scan or photo can be converted into a readable and editable text file. You can easily convert a file from the scanner into a Word or Excel file, or you can edit the data directly in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Pro itself.

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  • Subscription: 1 year
  • No automatic renewal or direct debit
  • Suitable for Windows/Mac
  • Suitable for 2 installations
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